An update on the recent app issues


We had a very tough week with many different issues happening at the same time.

The main issue, which has been going on for a long time now, is that our main data provider has not been able to deliver results and updates in time, resulting in scores being updated at least 20 minutes late. We are fixing this right now by switching all competitions to another data provider.

The second issue was that the iOS app started to freeze for most users that updated to iOS 17. So we rushed out an update that fixed the freezing issues, but instead it caused a lot of other problems like missing leagues tables, issues with Apple Watch etc. We now have a version (6.5.3) on App Store that should have most features without performance issues, but we are working on a final fix that should be out tomorrow at the latest.

We are truly sorry for the recent poor experiences using the app and any inconveniences caused during the last few weeks, and we want you to know that it's our top priority to fix all these issues and make sure they will never happen again.

With regards,

The Forza Football team