Canny: A new way to give us feedback.

Forza Football set out to give fans a voice, to give you the chance to express your opinions about football and have those opinions heard.

We have always strived to make the best possible app but we know there is still progress to be made.

We understand that there might be issues you face when using the app and there is no one better than you, our users, to tell us the problems you encounter while using the app.

We also want to hear about common issues which crop up and stop you from following football outside of the app; whether you face these problem at home, at work, on the commute or in the stadium, so we can think about ways we can tackle them.

That’s why we have set up a place where you can tell us about issues you have come across as a football fan, so we can work towards giving you useful and powerful solutions.

That place is this board:

You can post issues you have faced and then vote on the ones that you can relate to. You can comment possible solutions and give us examples of when you have come across these issues.

We will have your problems in mind when we build and improve the app! We will post and comment on each issue telling you how we plan to tackle it.

When we add something to the app, we want to ensure it adds value for you!

If you want to contact us about anything related to this new platform there are three ways to get in touch:

  1. Email us
  2. Write to us on the app, check out how here:
  3. Write to us through Facebook, you can find our page here: