Welcome to the Football Addicts blog!

In this blog we will try to give some insight on what's going on inside the walls of the Football Addicts office. The original idea was to have a "tech blog" where the different teams (clients/backend/design etc) can post some technicalities, but we will let the CEO/generic employees write some guest posts every now and then. Probably.

First out is the iOS team! At the moment, we consist of two brilliant developers - Erik and yours truly. Currently working hard on Forza Football version 3.3, we won't go into any technicalities in this post, but we can disclose some juicy inside info!

Since version 3.0, we've had many complaints from users about the app being confusing. This is likely because we split up the match lists to be unique for your followed teams, tournaments and matches. This is in contrast to what we did before, where matches for your followed teams were prioritized above tournaments, and then you could pin (follow) matches which would end up in the top of the list.

We changed to the arguably more confusing UI with 3.0 because we wanted to show more info, more days, and give easier access to every followed league even if there weren't any ongoing matches. Apparently, many of you do not agree that this is better. One big problem is for example the list of empty tournaments every day that no matches are played.

So our designers cooked up a solution to all our problems (or at least so we hope). The next version should make it a lot easier to view matches from favorite leagues and teams all at once, without cluttering your match lists. Accessing the league/team pages will still be easy (and no more pesky, empty lists!).

I wish I could post some cool screenshots, but right now everything is what we formally call "a work in progress" (it looks like crap), but we are very excited about these changes.