The wind of change

The wind of change

Sorry for the silence. We’ve been rather busy rebuilding the app.

Soon all the bits will come together and we can present an even better version of our app. But we can already see the effect of some of our ”investments”.

As you know we focus a lot on gender equality, and it is our aim to have great coverage of women’s football in the app. Well, it is actually to build THE best app for women's football.

That’s why it was so pleasing to see that the Women's World Cup had over 11 million match views in our app! But also that 35% of the total user base followed the tournament.

Our most watched WWC match?

Yeah, Kelley O'Hara, that's insane!

Another big task has been to set up new reporter teams to cover the top leagues in England, Italy, France and Spain with live scores. (And starting this weekend also the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany!)

We have not been able to offer our users the goal scorers before for those tournaments, but now we can! And we can of course send out push notifications.

That has certainly paid off!

Such beauties!

By looking at the September data, compared to last year's, we have 57% more views of the club tournaments this year!

Amazing stats and a receipt to show that we are doing the right thing. People are interested in women’s football!

Oh yes!

What else? Ahead of the Women’s World Cup we also restructured our startup guide for new users who download the app.

How? We now show a selection of women's team to follow, not only men’s teams.

The result? We have doubled the number of users who follow women’s teams in the app. Hourray!

More good news: we have released the tool seen above.

Why? Because it is another vision of ours to have all the world’s matches in Forza Football – from the top levels to grassroots football. With this fantastic reporting tool any team or club can share their match action immediately with the world.

Fans and family members can easily follow their favourite teams from afar, while keeping up to date with superstars like Alex Morgan and Lionel Messi in the same app!

Want to try it out? It won't cost you a penny! Read more here!

Just a cute photo of our colleagues Olof and Seb.

Did all of this sound good to you?

We bet it did! And we are long from done.

Very soon we will announce some really nice improvements to the app. So watch this space!