The world's best office

The world's best office

This is the last post in the blog series about our new office.

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This journey has been a great example of team work - we built the work place based on a truly democratic process where the team decided everything of importance. This is also the reason why I can say that this is the world's best office.

Please have a look at our new office and read our key learnings below:

The High Energy Zone

Loud sound level

Player tunnel & gaming room

The Work Zone

Quiet sound level

The Relax Area

Ultra quiet sound level

The team who created the worlds' best office

Our learnings
  • Never compromise with sound isolation
  • Make sure to add sound requirements in the contract for all rooms.
  • You will need at least 18 months from start to move in party
  • Hire a project manager who can manage the building process
  • Make sure to add detailed requirements for electricity sockets, network sockets, and lamp sockets
  • You will never be finished with your office, we have lots of things to improve and we will thrive to improve the space for every day
Before & After

I have asked the same question to every person who have visited the office, I will now ask you the same question:

Is this the world's best office?

Let me know what you think and give us feedback in the comments, we are happy to receive any feedback in order to improve our office.