Why are there ads?


Hey Forza fans!

For a long time now, many of our users had the privilege of not seeing any advertisement in Forza. That's about to change.

In many countries where we exist today, we have no ads and no income. It's not a very sustainable way to keep growing (according to some business people that we work with).

Users in some countries have seen relevant ads from our friends at companies such as Nike, Adidas, EA Sports to name a few. Together with betting companies we've also showed odds for the games to users. This is something we want to scale to the entire world but that takes both time and work.

So, in order to keep up with our running costs (servers, more awesome colleagues, beer and ping pong balls), continuing building new features and cover even more football matches, we're making some changes to introduce 3rd party advertising, as a test.

As mentioned, this is a test - meaning that we're open for feedback to make sure this doesn't ruin all the fun you have using Forza Football. If you want to get in contact about this - feel free to send us a message! Especially if you see something that looks really stupid and shouldn't be in our really, really good football app.

Hugs from the Forza Football team